Afriland First Group drives wealth creation among the poor.

Far from being a calamity, poverty is just a state that can be overcome through a fair distribution of wealth. At Afriland First Group, we consider poverty in all its aspects: intellectual, moral and material. This perception was inspired by Dr Paul K. FOKAM’s definition : «Poverty must be understand as the state of intellectual, moral and material destitution that prevents the individual from properly taking care of himself or herself and from fully intergrating the cultural, economic, political or social life of his or her community. » This state can be partial or total, but can always be overcome. It is the victim’s duty to find the means to do so. Accordingly, we strive to awaken the creative potential in the poor no matter their current state or their limited resources. Our banking units provide more than banking services; they offer a certain idea of shared happiness. For each of our customers, we are aware that tomorrow is another day ; that is why we strive to ensure that your vision is clear so that you can attain the higher heights.