He who steals the chief’s trumpet hasn’t enough breath to blow it. African Proverb

Four key principles underlie our philosophy of action : customer satisfaction and innovation as well as promoting a breed of winning African entrepreneurs and building win-win partnerships.

Customer Satisfaction

The topmost priority of our banking units is our customers’ optimal satisfaction. We put our customer’s interest first. We believe that our customers’ optimum profit goes hand in hand with their satisfaction. That is why we spare no effort to listen to them. We keep improving our customer care and service so as to stay ahead of the more and more demanding and rapidly changing customer needs. Our teams of banking, business, industry, agriculture, information and communication technology professionals with solid track records in satisfying a diversified customer base and financial know-how are always available to offer our customers tailored services and solutions in all our banking units.  



We believe that in a competitive environment innovation makes the difference. For this reason, our Applied Research Department  Development works relentlessly to understand and anticipate the future needs of our customers and contemporary society. The fruit of this research not only fuels the activities of our banking units, but also enables them to stay ahead of banking and finance related technologies.

Promoting a Breed of Winning African Entrepreneurs

Because business is essentially about wealth creation, we go to all lengths to identify, encourage and support men and women with wealth creation and distribution projects. We offer them more than financial support. We provide African entrepreneurs  with the advice and coaching they need to release their full potential and genius and prepare them for the tough competition of a globalising world. We believe this is the only way for Africa to catch up.


Win-Win Partnerships

Afriland First Group is committed to Africa’s future. We invest in countries with a low level of development, but whose economic growth potential is high. We sustain their growth and grow with them through a win-win partnership. That is what responsible and fair investment means to us.