The gods didn’t create only hard nuts, they also created strong teeth. African Proverb
KnowingAfriland FG

Created in Switzerland on 19 March 2008, Afriland First Group pools the investments of a group of Africans in Afriland First Bank units across the world since 1987, when the first unit opened.  The holding company meets our need of an identical general policy in all the banking units of our network and creates the framework for a more proactive development policy.  Since 2008, other acquisitions have been achieved in Liberia, Zambia, Guinea, South Sudan and the Ivory Coast.  This drive is sustained by a team of Africans, motivated by the quest for outstanding economic results that are consistent with our corporate social and environmental responsibilities through which we satisfy the countries and communities where we are located. We equally rely on the support of our development partners in the implementation of our expansion strategy.