To have a full harvest, the most beautiful seeds must be sacrificed African Proverb

  Work is the only source of wealth, personal and corporate growth.

  We put our customer’s interest first.

  Courtesy, humility, personal development and information are sources of progress.

  Fairness is a source of social cohesion and progress.

  Common sense requires that decision making should be by consensus.

  The most profitable minutes are those invested in personal development.

  Savings are the key to social and economic progress.

  The enterprise is a combat unit; we are generals and soldiers.

  Liberty, Fairness, Responsibility.

  Our banking and financial responsibility honours us with greater responsibilities: 

                         -  the responsibility to actively take part in the development of our country, the only way to make it our pride  

                         - the responsibility to promote applied research, economic, scientific and social progress

                         -  the responsibility to ensure progress is consistent with national culture

  Innovation is the driving force of progress.

  Experience is the sum total of mistakes: the company will consider unintentional mistakes as a learning experience, but recurrent mistakes will be considered as serious error against the common interest. Deliberately acting against the company’s fundamental principles will not be appreciated.