A single finger cannot pick up a stone. African Proverb
Our banking units are committed to offering staffs a professional, fulfilling, friendly and diverse working environment. We are committed to ensuring the integrity and dignity of those who join them to create and share wealth. We want our staff to be fulfilled, uninhibited,  and socially integrated, achieving their full potential and excelling. It is for this reason that we provide the most optimal conditions for the achievement of work objectives. This necessarily passes through continuous learning. The optimisation of our human resources is a constant concern. We never stop reflecting on relevant ways to build the capacities of the men and women in charge of the daily implementation of our vision: a respectable Africa free of inferiority complex.  Since July 2013, continuous learning for Afriland First Group executives took a decisive turn with the creation of the Business Excellence Academy on the campus of the famous  PKFokam Institute of Excellence, in Yaounde, au Cameroon. The Business Excellence Academy offers cutting edge training to entry-level executives and continuous refresher courses to older executives and managers considering that knowledge must be constantly updated for it to be relevant. We seek through this initiative to endow Africa with skills that it needs to meet its challenges.