Dr Paul K. FOKAM is a researcher in Management Science, African cultures and Strategy. The bulk of Dr Fokam’sresearchfocuses on the cause of the poor, advocating for them and helpingthemcreatewealth.

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Valéry Kammogne Fokam studied Business Administration after graduating in Electrical Engineering from the Univerity of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany. He joined the management committee of Afriland First Bank Group in 2009, the same year he became a Board member of the group.

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Mr. Ng served GMG Global Ltd (a publicly listed company on the Singapore Stock Exange), from 1998 to 2013 as the Executive Director/President & COO then as the CEO/Chief Advisor of the company. 

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Hakim Ben Hammoudawas the Minister of economy and finance of Tunisia. Before being appointed Minister in January 2014, he has performed senior managerial positions with various international organisations.

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